Itinerary     05 - 14 July 2012

Day One

Flight to Helsinki
Drive to Mustio
Check in Mustio Manor Hotel (1 night)
Dinner at hotel

Day Two

Guided tour of the Manor House
Visit former iron making centre of Fiskars
Visit medieval castle of Raasepori
Visit open air museum in Turku
Check in at Hotel Hamburger Bors (3 nights)

Day Three

Explore Turku
Morning - cathedral, river front, Pharmacy Museum and Art Museum
Afternoon - Maritime Museum and Old Castle

Day Four

Morning - Excursion to Nousiainen church (cenotaph of St Henrik),
Visit monastery church of Naantali
Afternoon - visit Manor House at Louhisaari, visit baroque church at Askainen

Day Five

Visit Glass making centre at Ittala
Visit Holy Cross Church in Hattula
Visit castle of Hameenlinna
Check in Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko at Hameenlinna (2 nights)

Day SixExcursion to the city of Tampere: explore the city centre and visit the National Romantic Cathedral, the Tampere Art Museum, the Hiekka Art Museum and the Kaleva church.

Day Seven

Drive to Helsinki with stop at church of Vanaja,
boat ride to the island fortress of Suomenlinna, explore the "Gibraltar of the North"
Check in Hotel (3 nights)

 Day Eight

Morning - walk through the town centre of Helsinki, including the Esplanade, Aalto's Academic Bookshop, Artek furniture shop, Havis Amanda fountain statue and Ateneum Art Gallery.
Afternoon - Senate Square, railway station, university building, library and Sederholm merchant's house. Visit to the National Museum. 

 Day NineExcursion to Sonck's 1912 Kallio church, the Gallen Kallela studio museum, the Hvitraesk national Romantic architects' studio-residence, P Hallonen's studio house and Sibelius's house at Ainola.
Day Ten 

Morning - check out of hotel
Transfer to airport with stop at the Open Air Museum of traditional Finnish architecture at Suurasaari
Late afternoon flight to London 


Tour Leader:





Mark Powell studied languages and art at Durham University, the Ruskin Art School and St John's College, Oxford.
He lectured in the humanities at Buckingham University for four years and has been travelling, photographing and leading cultural and historic tours in Europe since 1984.
His main interests are in the history of art and architecture, but Mark is certainly interested in food and wine!






































































One of the smallest European countries in terms of population and economic strength, Finland punches far above its weight in quality of architecture, and if we look at the period at the end of the 19th, into the 20th centuries it matches this exceptional level also in art and music. This tour looks at these excellent buildings of all periods, from early gothic stone, brick and wooden churches, through cool, classical works of the Russian tsarist occupation, extravagant and inventive National Romanticism to the world-renowned masterpieces of AlvarAalto. We also visit galleries and artist's houses of the turn of the century when artists such as Akseli Gallen Kallela, Albert Edelfelt and Helene Scherfbeck were rediscovering and depicting national myths and legends, in particular the Kallevala, a collection of folk tales. As a parallel to the artistic activity, Sibelius in particular was inventing a Finnish national style in music and we visit sites
connected with him.
Other aspects covered by the tour include the maritime heritage: we take a boat trip to the island fortress of Suomenlinna, visit the excellent maritime museum in Turku and may glimpse some of the biggest cruise ships in the world which are built there.
There is a wonderful heritage of vernacular architecture in Finland, and this is not
neglected in the tour. We visit Skansens in both Helsinki and Turku.


Day 1
Fly Finnair to Helsinki. Drive directly to Mustio Manor Hotel, Mustio. The hotel is set in an idyllic landscape park of the manor house, which we can explore before dinner.
Day 2 We take a guided tour of the Manor House at Mustio before continuing to the former iron making centre of Fiskars. Here we wander among the many well preserved buildings, dating back to the 17th Century, and see the Fiskars Company museum. We then visit the medieval castle of Raasepori, once on an island in an estuary, but because of the rise in land level, now high and dry. We continue to Turku, where before checking into the hotel, we visit the open air museum. Check in at the Hotel Hamburger Bors.
Day 3 We go to the great brick cathedral, full of chapels and monuments of a high artistic standard, many of the former Swedish overlords. We continue with the river front, the Pharmacy Museum, and the Art Museum. In the afternoon we stop at the Maritime Museum, which has an excellent lunch buffet, and see the displays of the local shipping and maritime trade activities. Turku is still of world importance in shipbuilding: the largest cruise liners are built here. Lastly we explore the Old Castle, once residence of the Swedish governors, and its museums.
Day 4 We make an excursion to Nousiainen, to see one of the most important medieval churches in Finland, with its mural paintings, and brass cenotaph of St Henrik, a Flemish work of 1420 and the most important medieval monument in the country. We then visit Naantali, an idyllic seaside town famous for its musical Festspiel. We visit the former monastery church with its gothic painted and carved altars and break for lunch.
In the afternoon we go on to the Manor House at Louhisaari, one of the finest in Finland and former home of the great 20th century statesman Mannerheim. Before returning to Turku, we stop at the baroque church at Askainen which once served the Swedish Governor General.
Day 5 We leave Turku for the Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko at Hameenlinna. En route we stop at the Glass making centre at Ittala, the Holy Cross church at Hattula, purest High Gothic example in the country, with the largest number of murals in any parish church, and the castle of Hameenlinna. In the brick gothic castle, based on the architecture of the Teutonic knights, we see a museum and art collection.
Day 6 Excursion to the city of Tampere, where we visit the National Romantic cathedral by Lars Sonck, with paintings by H Simberg and M Enckell. We go to the Tampere Art Museum and Hiekka Art Museum, both with National Romantic paintings, and the outstanding modern Kaleva church. After further exploration of the city centre, we return to the hotel.
Day 7 Today we transfer to the hotel in Helsinki. Shortly after leaving our hotel we stop at the delightful church of Vanaja, which has a polychrome wooden pulpit set with naive carved figures. On arrival in Helsinki, we take a boat ride to the island fortress of Suomenlinna, the "Gibraltar of the North". We wander its quays with historic vessels,bastions and museum.
Day 8 In Helsinki, we walk the town centre, with the Esplanade, including Aalto's Academic Bookshop, the modern Artek furniture shop and controversial nude fountainstatue of Havis Amanda. We visit the best collection of National Romantic Art in the Ateneum Art Gallery. After lunch we see the Railway Station by Saarinen, the Senate Square with Engel's cathedral, the university building and library and Sederholm
merchant's house. We finish with the National Museum with its overview of Finnish history and murals of the national epic Kalevala by Gallen Kallela.
Day 9 We make an excursion to Sonck's 1912 Kallio church, the Gallen Kallela studio museum, the Hvitraesk national Romantic architects' studio-residence, where Saarinen, Lindgren and Gesellius lived and worked together, where we have lunch, P Hallonen's studio house and Sibelius's house at Ainola.
Day 10 On the way to the airport for our late afternoon flight, we stop at the Open Air Museum of traditional Finnish architecture at Suurasaari.

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